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YOUR wedding day is our priority, with your chauffeur taking care of every need. Starting with the wedding car arriving a few minutes early at the pick-up point. Your personal chauffeur is committed to: keeping the wedding party hydrated during the day, cheering you up when the photoshoot becomes a bit much, and even assisting the photographer, if needed, to get that wow factor shot.

We Never forget…..It’s YOUR special day



Loves music

One half of Hervey Bay Kombi, Rob loves his music. Being a drummer and percussionist from a very young age, you will often hear him singing along to all genres of music or tapping along to a tune on the steering wheel. His music taste varies from R&B, reggae, white rap, through to classic 60’s & 70’s rock.

Given half a chance he will inject his sense of humour and have you laughing on the day. His passion for Kombi’s is well known and that’s reflected in the way his ‘girls’ (Lola, Leila and Lucy) are meticulously maintained and presented. ‘Pride is everything’ he says and he expects his clients to have nothing but the best, (with both Kombi and chauffeur) on their special day.

Rob is very well known by the local photographers for his ability to suggest a location or assisting in setting up a stunning reflective shot in the highly polished hub caps of the Kombi’s.


Loves life

The other half of Hervey Bay Kombi, Glenda has a zest for life and a beautiful nature. She loves all forms of music, and dancing. Dressing up and looking stylish is also something Glenda loves to do. It’s very reassuring for Brides to have Glenda’s calming nature around as the nerves start to set in.

Like Rob, (her husband), she gets so much satisfaction transporting wedding groups on their special day, and driving them to selected photo shoot locations, in search of that very special photo.

With her knowledge of the local area, she liaises with the photographer on the day regarding, wind, sun, cloud cover etc to find that dream location.


Behind the Scenes

We all know that you can’t run a successful, award-winning business without having that special someone in the background.


Loves kombis

We all know that you can’t run a successful, award-winning business without having that special someone in the background. We were so blessed to have met Geoff, AKA ‘The Kombi Whisperer’, who meticulously completed the restorations of Lola, Leila and Lucy, and most importantly built ALL our engines. When transporting Brides for that very special day you need total reliability. I guess the only downside for Geoff, is that his workmanship is so good that we’ve never had a breakdown, therefore no mechanical repairs for his workshop. The upside of course is that we cannot recommend him highly enough. It is so reassuring that when you turn the key, they start.

Thank you, Geoff, for your dedication and workmanship.



Loves refurbishing classic cars

On your special day you want to be comfortable and relaxed. Thanks to Shannon at Otto Customs
Auto Trim, that’s exactly how you will feel in our Kombi’s. The stunning, soft, relaxing upholstery is
all due to this top line tradie, who takes such pride in his work that, at times, you will have to go on
his wait list. (We didn’t mind waiting, because hearing all the comments from previous clients about the comfort was very reassuring to us, and a testament to Shannon’s workmanship.) There is never a time when we don’t hear “wow, it looks so beautiful, AND is so comfortable”. Having a great eye for detail, Shannon came up with the beautiful side panel design that flows through to the front doors.

Our Kombi’s have won awards at car shows, which again is a testament to Shannon’s quality
workmanship, and Geoff’s meticulous restorations. We are so lucky to have met and utilised the skills of these two people whom we are now proud to call friends.

Thank you, Shannon for your quality workmanship and attention to detail.

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